Department of Chemical Thermodynamics (Glushko Thermocenter of RAS)




Department of Chemical Thermodynamics was established in 1966 as part of Institute of High Temperatures of Academy of Sciences of USSR (IVTAN). In 1995 it was moved into the Institute of High Energy Density of IVTAN Association of RAS.

Actually the history of the Department started at early 50th of XX century when a group of young scientists of Institute of Combustible Minerals began to accomplish the program proposed by unknown at that time rocket engineer V.P. Glushko. The goal of this program was theoretical and experimental study of thermodynamic properties of combustion products of liquid rocket fuels. Many of those who started this work formed later the body of Department of Chemical Thermodynamics.

In April of 1984 the Presidium of AS USSR established the Center of Thermodynamic Data (Thermocenter) on the basis of Department of Chemical Thermodynamics. Since then and up to now “Department of Chemical Thermodynamics” and “Thermocenter” are synonyms in IVTAN Association.

In October of 1997 Thermocenter was named after V.P. Glushko.


Thermocenter activity


Reference books on Thermodynamic Properties of Substances

Software package IVTANTHERMO

Information system “Thermal Constants of Substances”

Thermodynamic modeling

Critical analysis of numerical data on molecular constants, thermochemical data and vapor pressure

Calculation of thermodynamic functions of substances (heat capacity, entropy, enthalpy change, equilibrium constant) in wide temperature range

Calculation of equilibrium composition and properties of complex chemically reacting systems 

All questions concerning the thermodynamic and thermochemical data as well as questions concerning the software package IVTANTHERMO should be addressed to the Dr. V.S. Iorish (e-mail: