The Third Workshop on

Plasma Physics with Intense
Laser and Heavy Ion Beams

May 20-21, 2010, Moscow, Russia

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List of Abstracts

1. Greiner W. (FIAS, Frankfurt am Main, Germany), New dimensions of the periodic system Abstract (19 Kb)
2. Filinov V.S. (JIHT RAS, Moscow, Russia), Bonitz M., Ivanov Y.B., Fortov V.E., Levashov P.R., Quantum simulations of thermodynamic and kinetic properties of strongly coupled quark-gluon plasmas Abstract (32 Kb)
3. F{\"o}rster E. (HI Jena, Jena, Germany), Zastrau U., H{\"o}fer S., K{\"a}mpfer T., Loetzsch R., Uschmann I., Wehrhan O., Exploring warm dense matter by innovative xuv and x-ray plasma spectroscopy Abstract (41 Kb)
4. Andreev N.E. (JIHT RAS, Moscow, Russia), Agranat M.B., Ovchinnikov A.V., Ashitkov S.I., Duan J., Chefonov O.V., Cros B., Kostenko O.F., Rosmej O.N., Sitnikov D.S., Wahlstrom C.-G., Fortov V.E., Generation of high energy electrons and~x-rays under the action of short intense laser pulses: theory and experiment Abstract (27 Kb)
5. Sharkov B. (GSI, Darmstadt, Germany), FAIR for plasma physics Abstract (17 Kb)
6. Kuehl T. (GSI, Darmstadt, Germany), Scientific program of PHELIX-laser system at~GSI-Darmstdat Abstract (20 Kb)
7. Vatulin V.V., Zhidkov N.V. (RFNC--VNIIEF, Sarov, Russia), Kravchenko A.G., Kuznetsov P.G., Litvin D.N., Mis'ko V.V., Pinegin A.V., Pletenev N.P., Senik A.V., Starodubtsev K.V., Tachaev G.V., The velocity measurement of shocks generated by x-ray radiation in different materials at ``ISKRA 5'' laser Abstract (32 Kb)
8. Golubev A.A. (SSC RF ITEP, Moscow, Russia), Scientific activities and perspectives at~TWAC Abstract (20 Kb)
9. Eisenbarth U. (GSI, Darmstadt, Germany), The PHELIX high energy laser facility Abstract (32 Kb)
10. Rosmej O.N. (GSI, Darmstadt, Germany), Blazevic A., Suslov N., Kunin A., Nisius Th., Sch\"afer D., Zhao Y., Rienecker T., Wiechula J., Orlov N., Zhikov N., Vatulin V., Bagnout V., Borisenko N., Eisenbarth U., Vergunova G., Wilhein Th., St\"ohlker Th., Fortov V., Indirect heated low Z foams as plasma targets for crossing laser--heavy ion beam experiments at GSI-Darmstadt Abstract (54 Kb)
11. Lomonosov I.V. (IPCP RAS, Chernogolovka, Russia), Kim V.V., Matveichev A.V., Ostrik A.V., Sultanov V.G., Shutov A.V., Tahir N.A., Numerical modeling of high-energy-density states in matter induced by intense heavy ion beams Abstract (30 Kb)
12. Reinholz H., Roepke G. (IP UR, Rostock, Germany), Sengebusch A., K-alpha spectra from laser-produced solid-density plasmas Abstract (24 Kb)
13. Orlov N.Y. (JIHT RAS, Moscow, Russia), Theoretical and experimental studies of radiative properties of substances and their applications to laser and heavy ion inertial fusion. Abstract (25 Kb)
14. Bondarenko S.V., Garanin R.V., Garanin S.G., Zhidkov N.V., Oreshkov O.V., Potapov S.V., Suslov N.A. (RFNC--VNIIEF, Sarov, Russia), Frolova N.V., Recording of tomographic image of direct illumination target at the iodine laser facility Iskra-5 Abstract (31 Kb)
15. Iosilevskiy I.L. (JIHT RAS, Moscow, Russia), Intense heavy ion and laser heating in resolution of uranium critical point location problem Abstract (29 Kb)
16. Borisenko N.G. (LPI RAS, Moscow, Russia), Laser targets plus plasma diagnostics in the era of validation experiments Abstract (40 Kb)
17. Baldina E. (IAS UD, Dubna, Russia), Parameter margins of hohlraum targets for~ion-plasma interaction experiments Abstract (19 Kb)
18. Vergunova G.A. (LPI RAS, Moscow, Russia), Guskov S.Yu., Rozanov V.B., Rosmej O.N., Plasma formation under the foam layer irradiation by soft x-ray radiation Abstract (24 Kb)
19. Harman Z. (MPK, Heidelberg, Germany), Di Piazza A., M\"uller C., Keitel C. H., Quantum dynamics in strong laser fields: acceleration, ionization and pair creation processes Abstract (42 Kb)
20. Weng S.M. (TUD, Darmstadt, Germany), Mulser P., Relativistic laser beam propagation, critical density increase and generation of hot dense matter Abstract (32 Kb)
21. Sergeev O.V. (JIHT RAS, Moscow, Russia), Stegailov V.V., Electron-phonon interaction in metals under nonequilibrium excitations of the electron subsystem Abstract (33 Kb)
22. Itina T.E. (LaHC CNRS, Saint-Etienne, France), Povarnitsyn M.E., Levashov P.R., Khishchenko K.V., Numerical studies of ultra-short laser interactions: application for nanotechnology Abstract (37 Kb)
23. Kostenko O.F. (JIHT RAS, Moscow, Russia), Andreev N.E., On the enhancement of characteristic x-ray emission from a target covered with spherical clusters irradiated by a femtosecond laser pulse Abstract (43 Kb)
24. Karlykhanov N.G., Loboda P.A., Sin'ko G.V., Smirnov N.A., Shadrin A.A. (RFNC--VNIITF, Snezhinsk, Russia), Simulation of absorption of femtosecond laser pulses in copper Abstract (26 Kb)
25. Karmakar A. (JSC, J\"ulich, Germany), PIC simulations of laser irradiated mass limited targets Abstract (18 Kb)
26. Starikov S.V. (JIHT RAS, Moscow, Russia), Stegailov V.V., Norman G.E., Development of electron-temperature-dependent interatomic potential for atomistic simulation of laser ablation of gold Abstract (24 Kb)
27. Agranat M.B., Petrov Yu.V. (ITP RAS, Chernogolovka, Russia), Ashitkov S.I., Inogamov N.A., Faenov A.Ya., Zhakhovsky V.V., Pikuz T., Skobelev I.Yu., Khokhlov V.A., Shepelev V.V., Ablation by optical and x-ray lasers Abstract (32 Kb)
28. Baldin A.A. (JINR, Dubna, Russia), Fundamental short time-scale relativistic physics: Collective phenomena. Particle acceleration and production in femtosecond laser--matter interaction Abstract (20 Kb)